Sunday, October 24, 2010

One confusing brand.

Is it just me, or is Swiss Army one of the most confusing brands around?

It's certainly unexpected if you think of it.  Here, lets do an exercise.  Just take a moment to think of what comes to mind when you hear "Swiss Army".

Done?  Chances are you hit upon these: accurate, intricate, reliable, red, red logo with a white cross.  Those are among many of the things I thought of, but maybe it's not so simple.

I have a watch with a red logo with a white cross, labeled as Swiss Army.  Recently, I needed to have it repaired and I was trying to find an authorized dealer to have the work done.  I tried to do some research to find my watch for the watch model number.  That, was the beginning of my issues.  I found watches sold under the 'Swiss Army' brand, then found some watches under the 'Wenger Swiss Army' brand. And if that wasn't confusing enough, there were more watches made under the 'Victorianox Swiss Army' brand. Logos?  All red with a white cross.

I know that in some cases, these brands are related but as a customer, I couldn't find this more confusing.  As a brand, there is little differentiation in my mind between any of them but as entities, they are much different.  I think some clarification would be handy, especially since (selfishly) it needs to be fixed.