Friday, March 16, 2012


There are many things this time of year to be excited for.

Firstly, it appears that in our little bubble, on the northwest shores of Lake Ontario, completely avoided the worst that winter had to offer.  I am currently sitting on my back deck, basking in 20 degree sunshine (read as: it doesn't get much better than this). 

Seconly, the iPad "3" is out today (I say "3" because Apple has dropped the numbering system for these.   Fair enough: we don't call them MacBook 6s do we?).  People are clamouring to get their hands on one, including lining up all night to be the first.  I'm excited about this, not because I am going to buy one, but rather because I am enjoying the thought of buying one.  I once spoke to a restaurant owner who had two Ferraris.  I asked him "what is the best thing about owning a Ferrari?" and he replied "owning a Ferrari is okay, but waiting until I could afford to buy one and shopping for it was the most exhilarating".  Truer words have seldom been spoken.

But what most excites me today is change.

With the luxury of retrospect, I can look back today over the past 5 months of my life as see where my path has taken me.  And it's good.  I changed careers and I know this change was one of the best decisions I've made.  I've changed as a professional and I've also grown as a person.  I can see the roles that I am responsible for and all the hats I need to wear.  More than that, I can see the things I want to move into, the things I haven't done before, the things that excite me.

Some people see obstacles, but I choose to see it differently: obstacles are the things you see when you lose sight of your goals.  You may not know what your goals are just yet, but if you stop looking forward you might never find out.  No matter what it feels like, no matter what people tell you, change is good.  It's all about how you handle it, how you make the most out of it and how you learn from it.  Change might bring you success.  Change might lead to failure, but if you learn from that experience, that change will always be a success.

Change is exciting.  I think I might now be a change-ist.